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Fatal [DRAMA] [Can Be Easily Set to Music]

Fatal Brian McClure
BACKGROUND: A very angry/sad member of the CIA recounts the brutal killing of his family. At first he explains his hunt for the killer, only to realize that his cause is hopeless and that he must kill himself to ease the pain.

This monologue was quickly thrown together, and much improvisation may be needed to further enhance the emotions and get the monologue to match the music [next paragraph]. HOWEVER, the monologue can also be used as is. You may have to read through it slowly, out loud, with no emotion a few times before you can really take on the challenge of this dramatic monologue.

Try saying it along with the song "Clubbed to Death" by Rob Dougan. Try to match up the first paragraph with the string introduction to the song (00:00-00:25). Match up the middle paragraph with the intense body of the song (00:25-02:55). Match up the last paragraph with the sad piano interlude of the song (02:55-4:00)

Character: An enraged CIA official recounts the death of his family, leading him to kill himself by the end of the monologue.


[Said quickly and quietly but despairingly] They’re gone. [Louder with anger] They’re all gone! (Pause) [Yelled] NOTHING can get them back… [Suddenly sad] Nothing… (Pause) [Sadly] But I can avenge them, (pause) and I will… If it’s the last thing I do… [Determinedly] I know I will… I will find him.

How would you feel if you came home one night to find your wife and kids lying on the floor in a pool of their own blood? How would you feel knowing that you weren’t there to help them? Knowing it was your own fault they were left alone. She asked me not to go… Why didn’t I listen to her?? The worst part is that it was a lie!! It wasn’t a business trip; it was a golf trip… The last thing I did while she was alive was lie to her… But whoever did this is going to pay. It was almost two years ago… I have my own special units team assembled. You don’t mess with a man in the government. The note found at the scene from whoever this was is going to be the key to finding him. He was smart, no fingerprints, no bullets, no evidence but one single hand-written note… It looks like he wrote it with his left hand, though… It’s almost illegible, but still, handwriting is handwriting no matter what hand you use. We thought we had found a match once. The suspect didn’t make sense though… It was someone I didn’t know. I’d never met. Why would he want to kill my wife and kids and leave a note with my name on it? Last week we got a lead. A voice recording sent to my office. It was heavily distorted, but you don’t mess with a man in the government. A specialized audio investigation team has been hired to un-distort the voice on the tape. With that voice, an even better lead. I can’t think of who the suspects could be… Not that I can’t think of anyone who would want to hurt me, just that the list goes on and on… It could be anyone. I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life and hurt a lot of people… But still, you should never mess with someone in the government. ....

But it has been almost two years… I can make sure I find and kill the person who did this, but what for? It won’t bring back my kids… My wife… I’ll never see them again, until I die… Perhaps I’ve been hunting the wrong person all alone… I still won’t win even if I find and kill the person responsible for this… He will still have won… I’ll still have failed. I can’t stand seeing myself fail my family again… Maybe it’s time I put an end to this… No one wins. My team will still be searching for him… Maybe they can find and kill him… They don’t need my help… But I do need my family… I don’t need my life to be with them… I don’t need anything… (Go into the drawer and grab a knife, scissors, etc.) Don’t worry honey… I know you miss me… I miss you, too. But don’t worry, I’m coming home… (Raises the knife). Daddy’s trip is over kids… He’s coming home.

Selfish [COMEDY]

Selfish. Brian McClure
BACKGROUND: This character, boy or girl, has a bad habit of finding a boy or girl that they want, managing to get them, and then immediately losing interest.

The character in this monologue is kind of awkward and trying to explain through a crappy analogy their bad habit of getting what they want, then losing interest.


I have a bad habit… Not like picking your nose or biting your nails or something that makes you look bad like that… Something worse… You see I really like dating. Well, I really like boys/girls, not really the dating part. Oh, don’t think too badly of me, I don’t hook-up!! I just look for the wrong people and the wrong things… Well, I guess that doesn’t really describe it either… Here, I’ll make an analogy for you. Let’s say Motorola just came out with the most amazing phone on the planet. It’s touch screen and full keyboard with internet and TV and video and unlimited texts and calls and it’s only like $100 and the plan is like $30/month, and it’s not a piece of crap- it’s priced so low because they want a lot of people to buy it. Sounds amazing, right? Your parents say you can have it so now toy want it. Well, you go out to buy it but they’re completely sold out. Suddenly you’re really mad. I mean, it’s not the end of the world but you really wanted it. Well, then you’re with your friend who happens to hang out with this guy/girl… I mean they have this phone… You see how smoking hot the phone is and how amazingly sweet and cute it is… Now you NEED that phone. You can’t live without it. Suddenly you have a breakthrough in your life… The phone is available and totally wants you to buy it!! It was so sudden and unexpected! What an amazing feeling!! So you go and get the phone… You turn it on and start using it, and it’s REALLY great!! Then you kinda get tired of it, and by the next day it’s just another phone… It’s still really cool and better than your old one… Just now… It’s boring. You don’t want it anymore. Okay now you can relate. Yeah, that’s how I am with boys/girls… Once I have one that I want, I don’t want it anymore… But there is this really cute boy/girl that just transferred here… And he/she is TOTALLY hot! …Maybe this time it’ll be different! Hope he/she’s not available so that it’s more exciting when he/she’s mine!!

The Seven Signs that he Totally Wants Me [COMEDY]


The Seven Signs that he Totally Wants Me Brian McClure

BACKGROUND: The character is a girl who is reading WAY too much into the "signals" she thinks a boy in her class is sending her. Obviously she has a huge crush on him. This role can also be used by a boy if you want. Remember- All monologues are free and open to interperetation-- non-copyright. You can even re-write certain parts you don't like!

The character for this role can be versatile, but when writing this monologue, I had a ditsy, kind of on the verge of crazy girl.


He looked at me. I know he did. He thought I wouldn’t see him but I did. I saw him look at me. No really, I did. It was great. And guess what? That’s the second time this week. I know he wants me. I mean, sure… I guess he has a girlfriend or whatever, but I heard they were thinking about breaking up anyway. You know why? Me. That’s right. Me. I mean really, think about it. Last week he “accidentally” bumped into me in the hall way, so I “accidentally” poked him on facebook. The next day there was a rumor that they had a fight! It all makes perfect sense!! All of these interactions! Well, seven to be exact. I mean, we’ve still never really talked… But isn’t it totally obvious that he wants me!? Let’s go back to last month. Well, ___(month before)___ 27th to be exact. We were sitting in math, as we do every day. He sits two seats away. The person between us was sick that day so, in a way, we were next to each other!! Our teacher, who is a total cow, jokingly made an “I’d tap that” gesture as she walked by. You know who he made that gesture to? Me. That’s right. That was sign one. The next day, same situation, he asked me what our homework was. He could have easily asked his best friend sitting in front of him, but no! He asked me. Sign two. Sign three made it SO obvious that he wanted me. It was two days later, Christy and I were walking down the hallway and I saw him walking straight towards us. He looked straight into my eyes. It was a magical moment. He wants me. Sign four, another good one… In English, he sits right near me, in my line of sight when looking at the teacher—it’s perfect!! Well, class ended early so we had a few minutes to kill. He stood up, walked over to my desk, and leaned against the wall right next to me. As if he wasn’t SCREAMING “Date me!!!” The other signs are all just kind of eye contact moments or him totally bumping into me in the halls on purpose. Trust me though, he wants me. He really wants me. And anyone who wants to question that? Guess what—I have seven signs of solid evidence. The seven signs that he TOTALLY wants me!

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